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How To Replace Apple iPhone Battery?

How To Replace Apple iPhone Battery?

Batteries deteriorate over time for a number of factors, including deep discharging, poor charging, and operating temperatures. Each of these produces unique internal chemical reaction patterns that over time alter the battery’s mechanical strength. In this article, you will learn how to replace apple iPhone battery and what is the easy way to replace apple iPhone battery.

iPhone batteries start to deteriorate after about 500 charge cycles. Degrading in this context does not imply chemical instability or danger; rather, it simply means that it no longer holds as much charge as it could have. This is a problem that affects all phones, tablets, and laptops with rechargeable batteries and is not unique to the iPhone.

Check the battery health and get to know if there's any need to replace apple iPhone battery.
iPhone Battery

Apple Inc. devised a plan to fix the batteries in iPhone models that have charging issues or other damage. You are given a perfect deal to replace your device batteries even though the manufacturer’s warranty no longer covers the devices.

What To Know About iPhone Battery Replacement

Look for the following characteristics in a replacement battery.

  • In order to make sure their integrity has not been compromised, batteries should be kept in a normal temperature range. The majority of suppliers abide by this, but it never hurts to ask or double-check.
  • Your battery health levels will be accurate and real-time if you have an OEM Texas Instruments (TI) Integrated Chip.
  • Your replacement battery should have a true zero cycle count, meaning it has never been used before. A quality parts supplier will ensure that their batteries are actually true zero-cycle batteries, despite the fact that some vendors sell batteries that have been used and had their battery cycle count reset.
  • The replacement battery you purchase should include the correct adhesive to keep the battery in your iPhone.
  • All batteries should undergo a charge and capacity test to make sure they were constructed according to the correct specifications.
  • It should be noted on the battery’s packaging that replacement batteries should have the same voltage and milliamp-hour capacity as the original battery.

How To Replace Apple iPhone Battery?

iPhone batteries deteriorate with use; they eventually lose their capacity to hold a full charge. For up to 500 charge cycles, or roughly 18 to 24 months for most users, Apple batteries are rated to retain 80% of their capacity. The chemistry of your battery can deteriorate over time, which can also slow down your iPhone.

Although it’s not as easy as you might think, you can change your own battery. You’ll need to make sure you get a good battery in addition to having the right tools to disassemble and repair your iPhone. It’s also important to keep in mind that certain parts of your iPhone, including the battery connector and the ribbon cables that connect the display, front camera, and earpiece, can be easily damaged.

Can You Replace Apple iPhone Battery Yourself?

The iPhone battery can be changed on your own, but it’s not a task for the inexperienced. You should be aware that strong glue is used in iPhones, and that you must remove a number of components in order to access the battery. It takes a lot of time, there’s a chance you’ll break your phone, and you’ll definitely void any remaining warranties on your iPhone. The integrity of the waterproof features that Apple added starting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be impacted by DIY installation as well.

On websites like iFixit, you can find comprehensive instructions and kits with the tools you need to replace the battery in your iPhone. Replacement kits cost approximately $35. For this specific purpose, some Amazon sellers even offer iPhone battery replacement kits, which can cost around $25 to $35. It’s less expensive than sending your phone to Apple for a battery replacement, but the success of the kits isn’t guaranteed, and if you break your phone in the process, you’ll need to buy a new one.

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A water-resistant phone will no longer be water-resistant after you open it, so be aware if you decide to attempt it yourself. Additionally, there’s a good chance that your OS will detect that the battery in your phone is no longer made by Apple, which means the Battery Health app won’t function and you may occasionally receive a warning notice.

What’s An Easy And Quick Way To Replace Apple iPhone Battery?

Booking an appointment at an Apple Store or an Apple-authorized service location is the quickest and easiest option. The process of battery replacement usually completes on the same day. You can also send your iPhone to an Apple Repair Center, where it will be repaired and returned within 3-5 business days. It is critical to back up the device, either via iCloud or a computer, in case your data gets wiped during the battery replacement process.

Although non-authorized service stores may offer a lower price for a battery replacement, Apple discourages this practice. A genuine Apple battery ensures that the iPhone works properly. When using a non-genuine battery, an iPhone may not display the correct battery health information in the settings. It is more likely to show a message that the battery cannot be verified. The cost of an Apple battery replacement is reasonable, given that it will extend the life of the iPhone battery for several years.

What Is The Cost To Replace iPhone Battery?

Lithium-ion technology is used in iPhone batteries, which charge more quickly and last longer but eventually degrade. The good news is that if your device is covered by a warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law, you can quickly and easily replace an iPhone battery for no cost. In the event that it does not, Apple will charge between $79 and $109 for a new iPhone battery.

A one-year warranty that covers a damaged battery is included with every iPhone sold. For iPhone 12 ProMax, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12, battery replacement will cost around $109. On the other hand, it will charge approximately $79 for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus.

Is iPhone Battery Replacement A Worthy Investment?

There are a few important things to know about when replacing the battery in your iPhone or any other Apple product. Older phones struggle to deliver performance even when they can install newer operating systems. This is because Apple is efficient in rendering them obsolete and making new systems so demanding. To put it another way, you would be better off purchasing a new or refitted iPhone if your current iPhone is quite old.

Second, it’s critical to understand how long your battery could last. You shouldn’t anticipate your iPhone’s battery to last more than a day when used frequently. Even less is entirely prevalent. It would be best if you put off replacing your Apple phone’s battery unless it runs out in two to four hours.

How Can You Improve iPhone Battery Life?

Here are a few tips you can follow to improve the battery life of your iPhone:

  • Maintain the software on your device. The most recent version helps improve the device’s performance, which also enhances battery performance.
  • Enable the iPhone’s Low Power mode. Go to Settings, then Battery, and enable Low Power Mode.
  • To manage the activities, check the battery usage information on a regular basis.
  • Optimize the settings by leaving the brightness mode on auto and leaving the Wi-Fi on all the time.
  • Turn off location services.
  • To keep the device in its ideal and comfortable temperature range, you must avoid extreme ambient temperatures.
  • Put an end to background-running applications. To access the app switcher, press the Home button twice quickly, and then swipe up on the app’s preview to close it.
  • Disable background app refresh.

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