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How To Repair A Cracked Computer Screen?

How To Repair A Cracked Computer Screen?

We all know that the computer and laptop screen is one of the most expensive components of a computer and should be kept intact. It can be frustrating if your computer screen is cracked or broken. When a computer screen breaks, you’ll notice various visual flaws depending on what breaks. Stuck or incorrectly colored pixels, lines of color, chunks of the screen appearing black, or the screen not turning on are all possible symptoms. When you experience a problem with your computer screen, the thing you want to do is to start the replacement of your screen. When you want to replace your screen, you want to know how to repair a cracked computer screen.

However, sometimes that’s the only option. Whether your computer screen is cracked or just beginning to show signs of wear and tear, here are some tips on how to repair a cracked computer screen without having to go through the trouble of purchasing a new one.

So, to identify the issue, you must first determine whether the graphic card is functional or not. Next, you must connect your laptop through HDMI output to the external monitor to investigate this problem—your graphic card functions when your computer displays a picture on the linked external monitor. Additionally, your graphic card is broken if your external display is blank. Therefore you can save money by not buying a new screen.

What problems does a cracked computer screen face?

A laptop or computer screen can even crack if there is a speck of sand between it and the keyboard. Other problems that can cause a laptop screen to malfunction or appear broken include:

  • Screen abrasion
  • Backlight not working
  • Problems with cables and connectors
  • Obsolete driver
  • Pixels that seem to be stuck

How to assess damage of the cracked computer screen?

As a result, if you are unaware of the cracked screen. It might require a detailed inspection to determine the extent of the damage. You should also examine the motherboard and other system parts. Then you will learn whether or not the screen needs to be replaced.

Is the screen cracked or defective?

There is a distinction between a broken or cracked computer screen and a “defective” one. A broken screen is physically damaged, whereas a defective screen may have other issues, such as flickering or unresponsiveness.

A broken screen can cause a variety of issues. It may be obvious and have cracks or chips, but other indicators, such as black splotches, indicate that the screen has separated from its casing.

The separation often occurs due to a significant impact, but it can also happen if the lid is opened incorrectly. Older laptops had a lock that prevented users from breaking their screens, but newer models do not because manufacturers want to offer a sleeker design.

How to Check Software Compatibility?

First and foremost, you must check the software compatibility of the computer. The issue may be with your software. For example, a compatibility problem might occur if you recently installed a new application and noticed that your screen difficulties started soon after. You could restore your device from a recent backup taken before installing your new software at this time to see if that fixes the issue. If the compatibility of the computer software does not cause the problem, then the real problem is the computer screen. After examining the software, you’ll need to fix a cracked computer screen.

How to Check the Graphic Card Functionality of the Computer?

You must test the graphic card’s functionality by connecting your laptop to an external display. You can also try removing the card and inserting it into another computer/laptop.

What you’ll need to fix a cracked laptop screen?

We have given up a list of necessary equipment or tools that you might need to fix a laptop screen. Instead, we advise you to follow the procedures below to complete everything correctly.

A table or another flat surface for working

The first thing you require is a designated workspace. Working in a flat, straight, tidy space would be best. We recommend that you set up a flat table with several drawers.

Sharp Objects

You’ll need some sharp objects from your home, such as a needle, a knife, safety pins, or whatever suits your choice. The safety pin removes the cover stickers that cover the screws on the bezel and the outer shell of your laptop, while a knife is used to help pry the screen bezel away from the case.

Small Container

A small container is one of the most important things to have on hand when repairing your laptop or computer. Because you require a container that can hold and securely secure small parts of your computer while you fix it. We recommend using a single 24 Compartments Plastic Box rather than multiple boxes. This box is available for purchase on Amazon for $2.


You will also need Nitto-tape, which is used to secure the screen and keep it from falling or sliding down. In this case, the tape will hold the screen in place until you screw it up completely, at which point you can remove the tape.

Magnetic Head Screw Driver Kit

One of the essential items you will require is a magnet head screwdrivers kit, which can be purchased online. Read on if you’re wondering why a magnet head screwdriver is needed because the screwdriver’s magnet makes it very easy to remove screws.

Steps to replace a Laptop/Computer Screen

Here’s how to repair a cracked computer screen. Follow the steps below and complete them in the order traced to avoid further damage.

New Replacement Screen

Firstly, you must purchase a new screen the same size as your previous laptop. They are available for purchase online or at a nearby retailer. Your screen will almost certainly need to be replaced. Large black or colored bars, black holes, or colors that appear to run are usually beyond repair. If the screen is cracked, you’ll know you need to replace it.

Shutdown Your Computer/Laptop

The power cable must then be unplugged, and any devices attached to your PC or laptop must also be removed. Finally, attempt to remove the laptop or computer’s battery.

Locate The Screws

Identifying the screws holding the laptop screen together is also necessary. There are around 4-6 of them, and you must loosen them with the screwdriver. Then you can quickly locate them underneath the screen’s plastic frame.

Pull Off The Cracked Computer Screen

The screen must be removed from the laptop’s plastic bezel when the screw is removed. Additionally, you must be cautious when detaching it. Check to ensure no remaining screws before your screen and separate it.

Installation of the New Laptop Screen

Finally, when you remove your screen, insert the new screen into the laptop’s shell. It will be necessary to remove the old panel and install the new one when you have found the right replacement panel. First, the screws holding the panel in place should be tightened. Now replace the bezel and check to see if the screen is operating correctly after turning on the laptop.


If your computer screen is cracked, there are a few things you can do to fix it. The most common way to fix a broken computer screen is to replace it. However, depending on the size and severity of the crack, you can fix it yourself by reading the guide on how to repair a cracked computer screen. If you cannot fix your screen yourself or if it’s more severe than a simple crack, you should get help from a professional technician.

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