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How to Fix a Computer Screen?

How to Fix a Computer Screen?

Has your computer screen broken or cracked? Get to know the facts on how to fix a computer screen if your monitor fails to function.

What Causes a Broken Computer Screen?

When the screen of your computer is physically cracked, mostly it’s due to physical damage. You may have hit the computer screen with something or dropped it by mistake. A monitor can even break if a small object drops on it. A few other issues can also cause a PC screen to malfunction. These causes include stuck pixels, malfunctioning backlight, screen burn, cable issues, outdated driver, and connector problems.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Broken Computer Screen?

Getting your screen professionally fixed by an operator will likely cost you anywhere between $200 to $600 in 2022. You need to find out how much it will put a price to replace a computer screen. Usually, it depends on what exactly the problem is with it. If your computer or laptop has other detects as well, then the cost may vary from the average repair amount. Get to know what’s the exact cost to repair a computer?

Thinking to fix the computer screen yourself? You can find a computer screen and replace it yourself. It will charge you less than $100. But, before spending money on repairs, you should consider upgrading to a new PC. So, you have two options; repairing and replacing.

Is It the Computer Screen That’s the Main Problem?

When your screen breaks, it will become apparent that this is the main issue. But, you may not have an idea that there can involve other deeper problems as well. Graphics cards, hardware, and software defects can turn your computer off.

Want to know the best way to spell this out? Connect the central processor to any other external monitor. If there is no problem on the external monitor screen and it looks clear, it means your computer screen is broken. There’s no problem with the motherboard or other hardware, you just need to fix the computer screen. In case you face the same problems externally, then it is time to take the computer to a repair shop to get it on track.

Simple Tips to Fix a Computer Screen

Get to know the easiest tips to fix your broken computer screen.
Fixing a Computer Screen

Follow these easy tips to check and take care of your computer screen.

  • Make sure to power down your computer when the screen breaks. Cracks are easier to observe when the background screen is black.
  • Find a properly broken screen repair kit that can work at the optimum level. You can get it either at your local supply store or online( e.g. from Amazon)
  • Microfiber cloth is important. If the repair kit doesn’t come included in microfiber cloth, buy it separately. For repairs, you should not use paper towels or napkins because these can result in more scratches on the surface of your computer screen.
  • Follow all instructions mentioned on the repair kit. These kits also contain a spray that is used on the screen. Make sure to buff it out gently with the help of a microfiber cloth.
  • If your monitor screen has a cover, you need to find out whether the damage is just on the cover or it is actually the screen. If the screen cover has been damaged, then there is only a requirement for a new screen cover.

How to Fix A Broken Computer Screen?

Remember it’s not the end of the world when your computer screen breaks, cracks, shatters, or is otherwise damaged. Do you ever know about having an accidental damage protection plan? In case, you don’t have an emergency plan; you can get it fixed. Don’t want to pay the cost? Consider purchasing a replacement display and do it yourself. We’ll help you get the right way to fix the computer screen.

If your computer screen is physically broken and the underlying panel is cracked completely, these ways may not work. To fix the physically broken computer screen, the better option always is to replace the screen.

1. Identify the Screen Model You Need for your computer

You need to get a repair guide for your specific PC model. Find an accurate screen replacement guide for your particular model as there are thousands of different computer models. Before buying a new screen, knock down the monitor carefully. You can check the model number of the PC screen on its back. Alternatively, you can type the computer model number on the search icon of online computer screen stores and search for the correct screen for your computer.

You just have to browse your computer model web. You can also search “screen replacement” or “LCD replacement.” You can also consult YouTube and other websites such as for photo guides and comprehensive videos. These sources can also help if you need to search for a repair guide or replace the screen of your laptop, MacBook Pro, regular MacBook, or Air for your specific model.

2. Repairing or replacing your own computer screen

Are you technologically savvy? You may want to reconnect a dislodged video cable. If you do want to repair your computer screen on your own, at first, you should make sure that you know what you’re doing. Before trying to repair the LCD panel yourself, do your research first. Luckily, there are many sources of information out there. The Internet can help you work on the task of fixing a damaged computer screen.

You need to make sure that you are using all the perfect materials. It’s also important to know how to deal with materials and other apparatus safely. You should demonstrate with the help of a reliable about how to fix the monitor step by step and take some simple precautions. You’ll be able to fix your broken computer screen by yourself only if you follow the steps closely and have some patience. Anyhow, it’s always suggested to seek out a computer expert.

3. Purchase a new computer

A computer expert can give you a fairly good idea of whether or not he can get your PC up and run it again. So, you must have chosen a reliable repair shop that can serve you better. With an inspection of a few minutes, an expert computer technician will clear you if the screen can be fixed or not.

It is also crucial to know whether your computer can perform as well after the repairs have been made or not. However, there are more chances that the damages caused by the broken screen could be serious enough that you need to consider buying a new computer. Well, your budget plays quite a distinctive part here, too.

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