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What’s the Cost to Repair Computer?

What’s the Cost to Repair Computer?

The average cost to repair computer is $60 an hour. However, the hourly rate can vary from $40 to $90 per hour.

Computers that are used for photo editing email, social media access, and Internet research need to be serviced at some point. From window updates to virus removal, each repair will charge you an additional cost for that function. Even major hardware replacements, sometimes, cost a lot.

You might have heard this while repairing your car; the tougher the impaired part is to get to; the more time the restoration work will take. That is often the same case with your computers. It is like auto repair that may not include a one size fits all service.

What is an Average Cost of In-home Computer Repair?

Get to know the cost to repair computer and repair it by browsing the nearby location.
Average cost of computer repair is $65 an hour

The average cost of an in-home computer repair is based on the work required to fix the computer. The cost also depends on how long the work takes to complete. The average price of in-home computer repair is $65 an hour. When you hire a repair technician to get your computer running, it will likely cost between $50 and $150. The cost of computer repair may vary greatly.

Computer Repair Costs

Type of repair
 PC service $70 per hour
National average hourly rate$60 per hour
Laptop service$50 per hour
Virus Removal$70 per hour
High-end cost range$85-$90 per hour
Wireless network installation$90 per hour
Software Installation$15 per hour
Low-end cost range$45-$50 per hour
Diagnostic testing$40 per hour
Computer hardware repair$25 per hour
Motherboard Replacement$150 per hour
Memory/RAM Upgrade$100 per hour
SSD Upgrade$250 per hour
 Liquid damage repair $99-250 per hour

Repair costs of computer and laptop

Upgrades like replacing a hard drive or adding more memory can take an hour for a computer. The most important repairs required for your personal PC may include malware or virus removal can take a few hours to remove. Thorough restoration of the computer’s data and files can also take a considerable amount of time. Diagnosing the main issue, installing software, Inoperable accessories, and connecting to external devices like scanners or printers, can also take a substantial amount of time from a few minutes to a few hours. This will decide the overall cost of your computer repair.

What is the Cost to Repair a Laptop?

$250 is the average cost to fix a laptop. For upgrades like replacing a hard drive, software installation, and adding more memory can take several hours for a laptop. The most general laptop problems and other repairs include: 

  • Laptop not working properly
  • Overheating or malfunctioning fan
  • Water damage
  • Hard replacement
  • Windows updates
  • Installing software
  • Viruses and malware
  • Broken screens
  • Inoperable charger
  • Inoperable keyboard
  • Dead battery

On What Factors the Cost to Repair Computer Depend?

The cost to repair computer and laptop is based on several factors.

1. Complexity and Severity of Damage

If the damage to your computer or laptop is complex and the repair will be severe, technicians will demand you to pay more. For example, your computer urgently requires a hard drive replacement or there is a severe problem to fix an expensive damaged laptop screen. In such cases, the price to repair will definitely go up. Technicians may suggest you to buy a new computer as it might be a cheaper option rather than repair one.

2. The Cost Of Parts

You might have noticed that the cost of a computer parts has increased over the last few years. The average laptop or computer repair bill you collect is much more than you would have had to pay back last year. Computer repair cost depends on what parts needs to be replaced. Repair technician more probably looks at several factors to determine the cost of parts. From the battery, accessories to the motherboard, every part costs different. After parts cost, technician charges for the work to fix your computer or laptop. In many cases, a problem with a PC screen will not charge more to fix than a laptop’s screen. This is because a laptop’s screen is hard to handle and may take a tremendous amount of skill to repair, while a PC screen only requires the desktop to be replaced.

3. Your Location

In the large cities where the cost of living is bit higher than in smaller cities, the rate for technicians with the necessary skills to fix your desktop may be maximum. You may also need to pay more to buy replacement parts in advanced areas.

4. Labor

There is generally a low rate that technician’s labor should charge to be considered a “major” repair. Some repairs, on the other hand, should be considered only as “minor” repairs. When your computer or laptop does not work as well as it used to, it’s possible you don’t have an idea about what you should be paying for a computer repair.

5. Travel Fees

If you are looking for in-home computer technician, it may cost you more than usual. When the computer technician comes to you, he can extra charge to cover his fuel and travel time. It will generally charge more than bringing your computer to the shop.

6. The Expertise Required to Repair

All things are co-relative as computer and laptop repairs have no exception to the rule. How much technician will charge to fix your new or old PC also depends on his expertise need to complete the repair. Other than price of a service, his pro experience and skills also matter. If you hire advanced technicians, it can cost you more than hiring beginners.

We hope your computer is not damaged, but if it is, feel free to search at our locations to find information of your nearby repair store! We are pleased to help you!

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