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When To Repair vs When To Replace Home Appliances?

When To Repair vs When To Replace Home Appliances?

Home Appliances play important role in every house and help in conducting many house tasks such as cooking food, grinding ingredients, brewing coffees, etc.  They are found everywhere in the house, including the kitchen, laundry room, basements, etc.

These home appliances are never meant for a permanent stay at your home, either they’ll be broken or some of their parts will get damaged.  And in this situation, most of the house women get worried that what will they do. Either they need to repair the appliance or replace it with a new one. This article will help them to get rid of the debate and will find a solution that will lessen their worries.

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Both repairing and replacing a damaged appliance can be beneficial but the following two points will help you to go with a better option between repairing or replacing home appliances.


Replacing an old home appliance with a new one is costly as compared to repairing the damaged parts of an old home appliance. But sometimes repairing an old part again and again after some span of time, will take you in trouble as well. For example, if you have a broken washing machine that gets dumped every other day, and you do not have any idea of repairing it by yourself and you need to take it to the repair center again, will be surely a big expense. In this case, replacing it to brand new, will cost less.  Always remember a cost rule i.e. the 50% rule stated that if any repairing appliance costs half of the total price of the brand new appliance, then you should go with a replacement option.  But if fixing it is less than half the cost of buying something new—and it’s not that close to the end of its life—a repair is probably the better option.

The life span of the home appliance:

Different home appliances have different life spans (for example, a Dishwasher lasts for 10 years, Refrigerator lasts for 13 years, a Washing machine lasts for 10 years and a Dryer lasts for 13 years)  If the home appliance has reached its life span, then go with the replacement option. Before buying a new home appliance, always go with its life expectancy and how many years it will work. An older appliance is more likely to end soon as compared to the new one. New appliances have impressive and modern functionalities.  They function more properly as compared to the used ones.

Extend the life span of home appliances:

One of the most asked questions is whether we can extend the lifespan of our home appliances. And the answer is Yes. We can extend their life expectancy by taking the following steps.

  • Replace their filters regularly
  • Keep their vents clean so that machine runs smoothly
  • Clean the Refrigerator once a month just to keep it functioning properly
  • Avoid using firm items in Food Processor
  • Avoid repairing damaged items by yourself, call a trustworthy and professional repairman.

Check Warranty of Home Appliances:

Before buying a new appliance, always check its warranty. The appliances which have warranties will save your money on the repair. Just check the serial number, call the following number to check the status of the warranty, and file a claim. This will help you to repair your appliance at no cost.

check Warranty


If you are going with an impairment option then always look for a good and professional repairman as they are not only affordable but also they are reliable and trustworthy.

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