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How To Replace Apple MacBook Pro Screen?

How To Replace Apple MacBook Pro Screen?

An unexpected drop or accidental damage can generate cracks and internal faults in the Macbook screen. There are simple ways to replace such a broken screen. In this article, you’ll learn how to replace Apple MacBook Pro Screen.

The screens for MacBook Pro come in two varieties: retina and non-retina. A MacBook Pro built in 2012 or before consists of a screen that isn’t retina. Models A1278, A1286, and A1297 are among them. Retina screens are standard on MacBook Pro models made in 2012 and after. A1425, A1502, A1398, A1706, A1707, A1708, A1989, A1990, A2141, A2159, and A2171 are some of the models.

If your Apple MacBook Pro screen isn’t retina, you can replace the shattered front glass panel, burned or broken screen cable, broken webcam, or broken Wi-Fi card/antenna for a reasonable price instead of replacing the entire screen assembly. It is possible to replace the burned or damaged screen cable if you have a retina display. Please be aware that only the MacBook models A1425, A1502, and A1398 are eligible for this type of screen repair. Retina screens made in 2016 and after do not have replaceable screen cords.

What are the Common Causes of cracked Macbook Pro Screens?

Since laptops are portable, a broken screen from debris is always a possibility. However, it appears that the actual perpetrator is too little to be seen or noticed by affected users. This makes sense given that Apple has already issued a warning to Apple MacBook owners not to install webcam covers to their computers since doing so may result in cracks in the screen and body. It’s possible that the damage to your laptop screen is caused by

  • Putting something between the keyboard and the screen or the lid
  • Your laptop’s screen was knocked or dropped
  • Laptop screen damage caused by kicking or striking it
  • Laptop struck by a bullet, item, cell phone

When Should You Replace The Macbook Screen?

The screens for Apple MacBook are excellent and sturdy products. Most of the time, unless they have experienced physical hits or have been exposed to liquid, they won’t malfunction for no apparent cause. A MacBook screen that has been physically damaged, such as one with a crack, is very obvious. Both the image and the cracks are visible. You unquestionably require a MacBook screen replacement in this circumstance.

It is not possible to fix screen cracks; a new screen must be installed instead. Even while you might be able to use your Apple MacBook Pro with the damage, the longer you wait to repair it, the more likely it is that the cracks will grow and result in further harm. Additionally, there is a chance that dirt and other debris will get inside the laptop and destroy its internal parts.

Other display problems, such as Mac black screen or dull graphics, are difficult to detect because both the screen and the video chip on the logic board can cause the screen replacement. You should consult a professional before changing your MacBook Pro screen if it shows a grey or black screen, vertical lines or horizontal lines, and intermittent flickering screen. Make sure the screen cable is firmly connected to the video card, motherboard, and back of the screen before looking for the source of the flicker. If those connections are secure, the problem is with your screen, which will need to be replaced.

How To Replace Apple MacBook Pro Screen?

Whether you have a minor crack in your screen, a couple of major ones that make it nearly impossible to read, or the screen is just scratched and blemished from a few years of consistent use, a replacement screen is a simple way to make your MacBook Pro appear fresh again.

1. First, make sure the battery has been removed from your MacBook Pro before starting your repair. Next, remove your computer from the main power and any other attached devices (speakers, etc.). After that, carefully remove the screen cover by loosening each corner one at a time (beginning at the bottom right).

2. The screws holding the screen’s bottom hinge in place should be removed. After removing the hinge, be sure to store it safely. Continue by taking out each screw holding the cracked Apple MacBook Pro screen in place. Before moving on, double check that you have taken out every screw (and have safely stored them aside). Once you’ve done that, take out the screws holding the Wi-Fi antenna in place.

3. The cracked MacBook Pro screen should now be reachable for you to grab. But be careful because there are still a few cables attached. A ribbon-like cable should be at the top of the screen, at the rear (perhaps attached with a piece of tape.) This cable should be disconnected from the old screen’s back. You should be able to see the inverter cord near the bottom of the screen. Also, unplug this from the damaged MacBook screen. The broken MacBook screen should now be able to be taken out of your computer.

4. Reinstall the screws you previously removed, and then follow the steps above in reverse to fit your newly purchased Apple MacBook Pro screen into place.

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement Under Warranty

If your MacBook Pro is still covered by Apple or any other provider’s warranty you should take it to them to have the screen replaced. You may risk the chance of dismissing this guarantee if you attempt to replace the screen on your own, which is not acceptable given the possibility that something else more serious occurs while the warranty is still in effect.

When you buy a MacBook Pro, the Apple Care Program is an option. Although this program has an initial cost, it is quite beneficial in the event that your screen or any other component of your computer is damaged. You may bring your damaged or malfunctioning screen into an Apple Store to have it swiftly and accurately fixed without having to worry about it yourself.

Even if you didn’t buy your MacBook through Apple, the manufacturer may still have warranty plans in place. Call the store where you bought your MacBook to see if they can provide the fix under any kind of warranty or if they have any recommendations. Even if they might not, it is always a good idea to double-check before starting the repair yourself.

What Is The Cost To Replace Apple MacBook Pro Screen?

The prices differ depending on the models. You can choose between two different display kinds for the MacBook. The screens on the older models, those released in 2012 or earlier, are not Retina. Retina screens are available on MacBook made starting in 2012.

For a reasonable charge, you can get replaced the broken front glass panel, broken webcam, broken Wi-Fi antenna, and broken screen cable for non-Retina screens instead of having to exchange the complete display assembly.

Additionally, if the problem is with the screen cable, the MacBook with Retina Screen models A1425, A1502, and A1398 can be fixed. Without altering the entire screen, it is possible to just swap out the screen cable for you. In contrast, as the screen cables in the most recent MacBook Pro generations are irreplaceable, models after 2016 would need to have their entire screens replaced. The overall cost to replace the Apple MacBook Pro screen ranges from $700 to $800.

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How Long Does It Take To Replace The Screen On A MacBook?

After assessing the level of the damage, you can get a fair and free price estimate. You will come to know if there is a fixable issue or if the entire screen needs to be replaced.

Your laptop use will not be hampered by a slight pop on the screen, but the situation could eventually get worse. You’ll notice a screen distortion when you power off your MacBook, which means your screen has to be replaced. Depending on the damage, repairing the Apple MacBook Pro screen can take up to two hours.

The MacBook Experience is Ruined by Cracked Screens

There is currently no known solution for the cracked screens on Apple MacBook Pro other than replacing the screen. Your best option is to take your laptop to an Apple Store to have it addressed if you ever have the problem. We anticipate Apple speaking out about the matter soon.

How To Take Better Care Of The Apple Macbook Pro Screen?

The chances of damage are great if you bring your MacBook Pro with you to the office, from room to room, on vacation, or to school. And of course, when you have an accident with one of these delicate devices, the screen is frequently the first part to break. So it is important to safeguard and maintain your screen beforehand? There are many ways to protect the screen of your Apple MacBook Pro while you’re on the go.

MacBook backpacks: These backpacks have unique, secure pockets built into them where your laptop may be safely cradled and protected from harm. Additionally, some backpack features include unique locking systems that make it impossible for someone else to open them.

MacBook Case­: For your MacBook Pro, cases are thin protective covers. A case usually has handles, straps, or other carrying aids, making it a little thicker.  It also intends to wrap tightly around the outside of your laptop.

Use screen protectors: Screen covers for laptops are available in the same way that they protect phone screens. Some also come with extra features like privacy barriers and anti-glare coatings.

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