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What’s The Total Cost Of Repairing OnePlus 8T Back Glass?

What’s The Total Cost Of Repairing OnePlus 8T Back Glass?

It’s not the end for your OnePlus 8T phone if the back glass is damaged severely. You can also refer to it as the rear housing assembly or the rear case. This rear housing might easily get broken if you don’t use a phone case. You need to know about the total cost of repairing OnePlus 8T back glass or simply the phone screen replacement when you see the following signs:

  • There is a visible crack in the back glass of the OnePlus 8T.
  • There are black streaks or lines on the OnePlus 8T’s display.
  • The OnePlus 8T is unable to turn on.
  • Your OnePlus 8T shows indications of water damage.
  • Because of a broken charging port, the OnePlus 8T does not charge when connected to a power source.

The Total Cost of Repairing OnePlus 8T Back Glass in the United States

Depending on the method you use to repair your OnePlus 8T screen, the cost will vary greatly. A few options include taking it to an approved Oneplus service center, having a local repair shop in your neighborhood to fix the screen, or doing it yourself.

1. Repair at a Local Store

If you want to repair it at a local shop, find the best repair shop near your location at RepairBuddy. So you can search for a nearby local mobile repair shop to have your OnePlus 8T fixed for a lower cost. But this won’t guarantee high-quality parts and a trustworthy warranty. Just be careful not to be scammed by a storekeeper who asks for a premium for an original screen. Do you truly believe he can collaborate with Oneplus and get authentic original parts from them? The only way these stores may have an original screen is if they take one from another phone.

One Plus 8T 5G | 256GB Storage | 12GB RAM | Snapdragon 865 | 5G Supported | 4500 mAh Battery | PTA Approved

2. Repair at an authorized service center

If you are taking your phone to an approved Oneplus service center, it may charge you a high price for the same. But a warranty and 100% genuine replacement screen are guaranteed. So, this is the only way to make sure that you’ll get a 100% authentic original screen and that the part comes with a limited warranty. On average, the total cost of repairing the OnePlus 8t back glass in the United States is about $96.

The best option is to get a top-notch replacement LCD Screen with Touch Digitizer for your OnePlus 8T from a trustworthy online retailer and have it fitted at a nearby repair shop for only $4 to $5. By doing this, you can purchase a good-quality display screen for a reasonable price with a solid warranty.

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3. Repair Yourself

With the guide of YouTube videos and a phone opening toolkit for the OnePlus 8T, you could even attempt to do this yourself. Get to know how to repair mobile phone screen.

Bonus tip

Want to know the best option to repair the OnePlus 8T back glass? You can visit a OnePlus authorized service center. They will charge a premium for this service, but it will ensure a 100% genuine replacement screen with a warranty. This means that this is the only way to guarantee that the screen you receive is 100% authentic and that the part comes with a limited warranty.

What’s the Total Cost of Repairing the OnePlus 8t Back Glass Due to Water Damage?

The OnePlus 8T is somewhat dust and water-resistant, similar to its originators. Even though, it lacks an actual IP certification. However, it’s helpful to avoid getting your OnePlus wet. It may not always be feasible.

It is hard to repair the back glass of the OnePlus 8t device by yourself. You can get it replaced by any local mobile phone technician. It will cost you somewhere around $95.04. The reason for the high price is that OnePlus employs Samsung’s AMOLED panels, which are the most advanced on the market but also quite expensive. Due to the high cost of screen repair and the fact that OnePlus does not produce its own panels, it does not provide a screen replacement program. In case, you have an older model of the OnePlus 8T and its screen breaks; repairing can cost more now. Typically, the replacement of an older model of the OnePlus 8T cost about $110, almost equal to the cost of a new phone.

In A Nutshell

Find your nearby repair store at RepairBuddy if you see your smartphone has been exposed to water. The best and most skilled technicians can thoroughly dry it down and check out the inside parts. If any damage is found, it is important to quickly replace the affected parts and retest the performance after the repair.

Beyond screen repairs and water damage restoration, you can search for the warranted mobile repair services near your location at RepairBuddy. It will be helpful for you to deal with anything from dead batteries to damaged speakers and everything in between.

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