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OCA Mobile Repairing Machines

OCA Mobile Repairing Machines

Repairing the screen of broken cell phones screen is no more a trouble. The OCA mobile repairing machines are industrial laminator automation machines operated by a PLC or single-chip computer. This device is frequently used by smartphone technicians for affixing mobile screens. OCA smartphone repairing devices are made to provide innovative repair solutions at reasonable costs.

The method you used to fix cell phones has changed; thanks to the OCA mobile repairing machines. Professionals of phone repair shops now deliver better results and higher success rates.

The integrated design of the machine saves space by being equivalent to five units. The professional laminating mold can let you fix EDGE screens more effectively. Touch screen control and a sophisticated operating system make it extremely simple to operate. You can even start laminating with only one key. Because OCA machines have a big space for bubble removal, they can accommodate more than 20 pieces at the same time.

How do OCA Mobile Repairing Machines Operate?

The OCA mobile repairing machine is an industrial automation product operated by a PLC or single-chip computer and is one of the sorts of machines used for gluing mobile screens. It is perfect for the automatic bonding of PET or glass with OCA adhesive. OCA glue is applied to the smartphone LCD panels using a lamination machine.

The machine performs both the laminating and bubble removal processes simultaneously. Because it includes an integrated air compressor/vacuum pump, it does not require an additional compressor to function. After applying this glue to the new touch-screen floor, it becomes sealed to the digitizer in four minutes using heat and vacuum pressure. Because of the machine’s vacuuming atmosphere, the touch-screen is bubble and debris free.

A vacuum laminator section uses hydraulic power to perform its task accurately. A rubber balloon is injected with compressed air, which causes it to expand and press the material. The pressure is nevertheless gentle and appropriate for thin materials. The laminate is subjected to consistent pressure across the whole surface of the display. The maximum size of lamination and the number of devices that can be glued sequentially depend on the size of the laminating plate. It has 15 inches worth of plate sizes, allowing for the lamination of both tablets and cellphones. To enable the creation of a vacuum for the operation, the plate is frequently encased within a larger space.

What Makes OCA Machine A Perfect Tool For Mobile Repairing?

Getting the best tools is important when choosing equipment for mobile phone repairs. OCA mobile repairing machine can repair broken touchscreens of many types of smartphones such as iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 5c 6 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy s2 s3 s4 s5 Note1Note2Note3Note4, HTC, LG, Blackberry, Motorola, Sony, Xiaomi, and others. Professional mobile phone repair specialists regularly use these machines, which come in a variety of types and brands with various specs and functions. Popular OCA mobile repairing machine brands feature YMJ, TBK, and LY.

The precise positioning of chambers and 100% screen attachment results make this machine the best to repair any damaged panel. With an integrated vacuum pump and air compressor, the glass feels pressure to firmly connect to the machine without the need for a traditional holding tool.

The machine also delivers better lamiting results and the sticker cleanliness is guaranteed by automatic operation. The built-in little vacuum pump is more effective. The high-performance polarized and protective film makes the OCA device the right kind of device for mobile repair. OCA mobile repairing machines offer high-pressure heating autoclaves with ITO+CG, FILM+CG, and CTP+LCD modules. It is easy to set the operating mode to either increase the temperature first and then increase the pressure, raise the pressure first and then the temperature or raise the temperature and pressure simultaneously. You can get a complete guide to the best cell phone repair kit here.

Features of OCA Mobile Repairing Machines

Depending on the model and brand, the specifications of OCA mobile repairing machines can change. However, the features of a typical OCA laminator machine include:

  • Replacement or repair of the damaged glass on a cell phone’s display
  • Fully automatic laminating OCA repair machine
  • High efficiency
  • An ideal touchscreen interface
  • UV light system
  • Built-in air compressor to clear away debris and dust
  • Irresistible fixation of adhesion for precise bonding between new glass and the display
  • OCA Alignment system
  • A separate temperature control chamber to accurately fix and adjust the machine temperature
  • 4 Parts of the machine using laminator, bubble Removal, air Compressor 8L, and Vacuum Pump (Value) 2L
  • Compatible with a variety of phone types, including Sony, iPhones, Huawei, Samsung, Blackberry, and other manufacturers
  • Simple to use and requires little training
  • Detection of the phone’s display size and shape in minutes
  • Adjusting the settings of the display precisely according to the display

Manual OCA Mobile Repairing Machines

Manual OCA mobile repairing machines are well-built to replace damaged phone screens.
OCA Manual Mobile Repairing Machines

Manual OCA or Polarizer laminating machines may differ slightly from stiff to rigid laminating. The weight of the plate is well-set, and it will not damage the LCD. After the glass has been replaced, such machinery is typically used to add a polarizer film to the display.

The polarizer film is a thin coating of the substance that is put on the display’s surface to improve vision and clarity. This is applied to the display by the manual OCA laminating machine, which signifies that it is precisely aligned without the possibility of air bubbles. The machine requires 220V of electricity.

Steps Involved In The Bonding Of Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA)

An automatic dispenser is often used to dispense the OCA onto one of the surfaces. The amount of OCA dispensed should be enough to fully cover the bonding area. By using a revolutionary method called clear adhesive bonding, Boyd is able to offer shorter bond lines, which leads to lower display stack-ups as a whole. A dry film pressure-sensitive adhesive is used in OCA bonding to affix layers together.

To minimize air gaps from the assembly, OCA is laminated to a base material under pressure. This can be used to attach a stiff component to other rigid components or a flexible component to a rigid component. In the process of rigid-to-rigid OCA bonding, air between the layers removes which results in a strong bond between two or more rigid components. Flexible OCA Bonding uses a human roller or an automated in-line rotary precision conversion system. It removes all the air between the flexible component and the substrate. OCA is the best choice for applications where bonding is essential since it maximizes optical clarity by eliminating any bubbles or air gaps.

To guarantee that the OCA bond serves the specified criteria, its bond strength and optical clarity should be checked. This could include checking the bond region for any optical faults.


Professionals in the mobile phone repair industry now depend heavily on OCA mobile repairing equipment. Using the OCA lamination technique, these machines let specialists swiftly and effectively repair or replace damaged screens and other parts of mobile phones. It’s critical to remember that depending on the brand and model, OCA machines’ specific parts and features can change. For safe and effective use of OCA mobile repairing machines, it’s essential to select an expert technician so your phone can get high-quality repairs.


How to Function OCA Mobile Repairing Machines?

A broken phone’s display glass is removed by an OCA repair machine and replaced with fresh glass using a crystal-clear adhesive. The equipment employs a vacuum pump to eliminate any air bubbles before applying the adhesive between the new crystals of glass and the panel.

How Long Does It Take An OCA Machine To Fix A Mobile Phone Screen?

Depending on the complexity of the broken phone and the technician’s level of expertise, the time needed to repair a mobile phone screen with an OCA machine can change. However, compared to alternative techniques, using an OCA machine often yields quicker repair timeframes.

Is Operating A Machine Of The OCA Kind Difficult?

OCA smartphone machines are made to be simple to use and run with little instruction. To prevent harming the phone’s display, it’s crucial to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Are OCA Mobile Repairing Machines Pricey?

An OCA machine’s price can change based on the model, brand, and features. However, for qualified mobile phone repair specialists, they are typically seen as a worthy investment.

Why Would You Use An OCA Device?

The benefits of employing an OCA mobile repair machine include quicker turnaround times, higher-quality repairs, and a lower risk of display damage to the phone.

Is It Safe To Operate An OCA Device On A Smartphone?

Yes, as long as it is used properly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, using OCA mobile repairing machines on cell phones is safe.

Can The OCA Machine Fix Other Display Types, Including Those On Laptops Or Tablets?

OCA mobile repairing machines may not be ideal for use on other sorts of displays because they are primarily made for mending mobile phone screens.

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