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Is it worth repairing a smart TV?

Is it worth repairing a smart TV?

If your TV is already a few years old, it may not be worth spending that kind of money on repairs. But some people throw away useful and valuable things all the time. Many of them do not know that It is worth it to repair a TV. If you have a newer TV that’s still under warranty or has a long lifespan, it might make more sense to repair it. In this article, we’ll check out some pros and cons of repairing your TV. So you can make an informed decision.

The cost of repairing a TV versus buying a new one

To begin with, we talk about the cost of repairing the TV. TV repair costs vary greatly, depending on the type and repairs needed. For example, if your TV costs $3000 you bought it just one year ago. And suddenly your TV screen goes black. And your TV won’t turn it on. You call a TV repair technician, who tells you that the issue is with your power supply and it will cost $500 to fix.

Well, if you consider the fact that a brand new 65-inch TV costs upwards of $3,000, and that your current TV is still under warranty, it might be worth repairing it. Warranties decide to repair your TV much easier because you won’t be required to absorb most of the cost.

However, if you have a 10-year-old TV that suddenly stops working, spending $500 or more to fix it may not make sense. Old televisions are difficult to repair and can cause many problems over time. So it’s best to invest the money in a new TV that will serve you well for another decade.

When a TV is worth repairing

Here are the scenarios where you should seriously consider having your TV repaired:

  • The TV is relatively new
  • Has a minor issue

The TV is relatively new

Suppose your TV is not too old and is from a reputable brand like Samsung, LG, etc. It may be worth troubleshooting your TV or having it checked by a technician.

In addition to the age of the TV, the dimensions are also a clear indicator of the relevance and modernity of your TV. If your TV is smaller than 32 inches (81.3 cm). For example, a 24-inch (61 cm) TV, is probably from the archives, as 24-inch TVs are a bit too small by current TV screen industry sizing standards. The now ubiquitous 40″ (101.6 cm) and 55″ (139.7 cm) flat panel televisions were around less than a decade ago.

And if your TV is about 65 inches (165 cm) or even bigger. It’s not recommended to just throw it away. If your TV is 45 inches (114 cm) or larger and is only a few years old, it needs a professional inspection.

Has a minor issue

If your TV makes clicking sounds repeatedly or won’t turn on, you can safely blame your TV’s capacitor. Repairing your TV’s capacitor might sound complicated, but it’s not that complex once you dig in and put in the effort to learn how it’s done.

Issues with your TV’s power supply are also something that can be repaired easily. Moreover, Until you replace or improve the faulty power supply there is no telling what else could be wrong with the TV. Once you repair the power supply you can investigate further depending on the numerous other symptoms that may appear.

HDMI issues, audio problems, etc., can be also fixed.

6 Signs That Your TV Needs to be Repaired

Your TV might need repairs – these little defects can quickly become distracting and might even prevent you from enjoying your favorite content.

  • Dead Pixels
  • Color Distortion
  • Bars and Lines
  • Image Retention
  • Fuzzy Screen
  • Fading Screens

When a TV is not worth repairing

If your TV has any of the following issues, repairing it may not be worth it.

  • Physical Damage to the TV
  • Reliable Service Technicians are not around

Physical Damage to the TV

If your TV is physically damaged, e.g. B. a cracked panel, a warped or broken frame that affects the performance of the TV, etc., it is not worth restoring your TV to its original condition.

In most cases, a cracked TV screen cannot be repaired. Additionally, the health risks associated with a broken TV far outweigh the benefits of being able to watch movies on a broken screen.

Reliable Service Technicians are not around

If you live in an area where skilled and experienced TV technicians are not available. Also, they have poor communication with service management and don’t have the tools or parts to fix the problem. Repairing your TV is not worth the money, time, and hassle. Be sure to not only check availability in your area but the reviews as well.

How to find a good mechanic in your area?

Looking for a qualified technician can be a difficult task. So if you want to find a good technician in your area. Firstly, you have to get recommendations from friends, and family who have had positive experiences with mechanics in your area. Look for online reviews and ratings. Visit the mechanic’s shop and talk to your mechanic about your vehicle’s requirements. An experienced mechanic should be able to clearly explain problems and repairs. Then request a repair guarantee. A reputable mechanic offers a reasonable warranty period. Remember, If you are familiar with the mechanics and they are professional, this is probably a good choice.

How do you know when you need to upgrade your TV?

9 signs you need to upgrade your TV.

  • Colored lines appear on the screen.
  • Does not work with other gadgets and services.
  • Your electricity bill is too high.
  • TV takes forever to boot up.
  • The sound quality is terrible.
  • Your TV screen is burned in.
  • Your screen is cracked.
  • Your TV turns off by itself.
  • Your TV takes forever to start.


Before making a decision, check the repair costs, get quotes from reputable repair shops, and compare them with the prices of new TVs with similar features. Also, consider the sentimental value of television and budget constraints. If your TV has unique features, exceptional picture quality, or sentimental value, it may be worth repairing despite the cost.

You can also find some TV repair stores on our Repairbuddy website. Just go and take a look.

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