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iOS 16 New Features

iOS 16 New Features

SharePlay, Focus, new widgets, FaceTime improvements, App Library, and many other new features have been added to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. If you have not downloaded it to your iPhone or iPad, you are missing some amazing features on your phone. And if you are looking to know more about these new features, you have come to the right place because we are going to discuss all the new features of the iPhone (iOS 16).

However, you need to keep in mind that this new update and its features are not available on all iPhones. For instance, the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE 2016, iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 Plus do not support the new features and update. If you do not have an iPhone newer than the 7 Plus, you cannot download or install iOS 16. Additionally, it does not mean that every iPhone will run each and every feature of iOS 16. Some features will not be available on your old iPhone.

Lock screen

Apple’s new update has completely changed the lock screen design. In order to maintain the cleanliness of your lock screen photo, notifications now show at the bottom of the screen. You do not need to scroll down the upper side; a click on the bottom of the screen will show you all the notifications. Additionally, the clock widget was also changed. It is modified by adding extra widgets like the weather and calendar, and you can even pin live activities like game results or exercise progress.

Furthermore, you can set up multiple screen locks, giving you space to switch between them. Similarly, there is a new wallpaper gallery with different styles from which you can choose. You may now hide your background and notifications when the always-on display is turned on if you have an iPhone 14 or 14 Pro Max.

Focus improvement

This is one of the best features an iPhone can have. This feature allows you to focus more on your personal time, studies, and work. You can have a separate lock screen for work and personal time, and studies suggest you focus more on your work. The operating system provides you with focus filters in apps like Safari, Calendar, Mail, and Messages that allow you to only see pertinent items in each app. These apps include Mail, Calendar, and Safari. Additionally, it will activate the corresponding focus when you change to the proper lock screen.

You can edit the message

Yes, you read it right. With the new iOS 16, you can now edit the messages too. Twitter was the first to allow editing messages, and the iPhone is going to do the same in the new iOS 16. Although you only have a 15-minute window to do so, you can now edit texts you’ve already sent in the Messages app up to five times. You can also “undo send” to take back messages, although this option is only active for two minutes.

Safari Tab Groups and Passwords

In addition to allowing you to create tab groups in Safari, iOS 16 also allows you to share these groups with other users. You’ll also be able to see which tabs are being used by others in real time. With Passkeys, Apple is also making efforts to do away with passwords. These are one-of-a-kind digital keys that you may create using Touch ID or Face ID and that are almost impervious to phishing attacks and data breaches. Passwords function in apps and on the web and sync between your Apple devices via iCloud Keychain. In order to create a cross-platform solution for people who use non-Apple devices, Apple is collaborating with the FIDO Alliance.

Track your medications

If you want to track your medications, the new update will help you with that. The tracking of your medications is made easier, and you can add prescription medications to your list. Additionally, it will help you set a reminder that your Apple Watch will receive. You can type or scan your medication bottle through the iPhone camera and take the data related to the medications. The data will include critical, serious, or moderate interactions with the pills.

iOS 16 lets you use your iPhone as a webcam

You do not need to worry about the quality of the webcam because now you can use your iPhone as a MacBook. You can use the rear camera on your iPhone, which is far better than your MacBook webcam cameras. Additionally, this feature does not require any cable or additional hardware, making the iPhone webcam easier to use.

Additionally, this implies that you can utilize functions like Center Stage, which follows you around the room, and Portrait Mode, which blurs the background to reduce distractions. Even if this isn’t the best option for everyone, there is a Desk View mode that takes advantage of the ultra-wide camera to show what is on your desk.

Apple Maps are more advanced in iOS 16

The Apple Maps already have extensive data, and the new features are going to add more. Apple Map is adding more cities to show richer data. The list already includes Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle, Atlanta, and Chicago, and the company expects to add more locations this year. Additionally, the feature is accessible in Canada and London.

Additionally, the addition of up to 15 stops before your final destination is another Maps update that is excellent for long-distance road trips (and you can set this up on a Mac and send it straight to your iPhone). You may now view fares, add transit cards, check card balances, and reload transit cards if you use public transportation.

Lockdown mode

Lockdown mode gives an extremely high level of additional security to your iPhone and iPad to help shield them from “very sophisticated threats.” Features, programs, and websites will be restricted when enabled for security reasons to prevent malware or spyware from accessing and compromising particular data. You can learn more about Lockdown Mode and how to use it by visiting this page.


Safety mode

This new tool features an emergency reset that will sign you out of iCloud on all other devices, reset privacy permissions, and restrict messages to the device you are currently holding. It also enables you to quickly revoke any access you may have granted to anyone in your network. Additionally, it tells you who has access to your gadgets and apps.

Emergency SOS

The new Emergency SOS is now available to users of any iPhone 14 model, thanks to the satellite function. The iPhone will be able to connect to Globalstar satellites in orbit if you ever require assistance when in a distant area without a cellular connection. By doing so, you can contact rescue personnel or Apple’s own Relay Center to request assistance.

Data protection

Apple has expanded the types of iCloud data that are end-to-end encrypted. You now have the choice to expand this security to other sensitive information, including Notes, Photos, and iCloud Backup, in addition to credit card and payment data, health data, and passwords. More information about the new functionality is available here.

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